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Keezer Compressor Fix




DISCLAIMER:  I am not an electrician or small appliance service tech, nor do I play one on TV.  If you are not comfortable with working on wiring as explained below and in the videos, please ask a friend for help or contact a service tech.


I came downstairs one day to grab a pint, and I happened to notice my keezer temp was up to 52 degrees for some reason.  Of course since I've had a few keezers die on me over the years, I started freaking out a bit considering this one is less than 3 years old.  I decided to try unplugging the freezer from the temp controller and plug it directly into the outlet.  This caused the unit to turn on, and I heard a somewhat soft click/pop, but the compressor wouldn't start for some reason.  Since the keezer was so new, I decided to check online to see if there was a way to troubleshoot and fix the issue without scrapping the whole thing.  With consumer devices like this, if you have an issue with the compressor or coolant, your pretty much screwed, but I wanted to verify first.  After a little searching online, I came across others with the same issue, but more so with refrigerators.  After watching a few videos (some links included below), I decided that what I needed was a 3-in-1 or Hard Start Kit that should override some of the internal components in order to actually start the compressor.  At least it's a cheap option to troubleshoot the issue before scrapping a $200 appliance and having to spend all the time and effort building a new one.


**Make sure you unplug your keezer before starting the install**  The installation was pretty easy based on the instructions provided with the kit, and I had it installed in about 15-20 minutes after triple-checking I had everything connected correctly.  After installation, I plugged in the power, and after a few seconds, I heard the unit switch on and the compressor started running as normal!  I was really happy with how quick and easy this fix was, so hopefully it will help others with the same problem.  The videos below have much better details than I could provide here, so check those out and give this a try if you run into the same issue with your keezer compressor not working to chill down your beer.  Cheers!




3-in-1 (Hard Start Kit) Installation & Troubleshooting Info



-  Shorter Video of Installation:  https://youtu.be/mvtQ_X6eLII

-  Longer Video of Installation with more detailed electrical info:  https://youtu.be/1-aaYZJhZv4






Contact Information:  MikeYoungHB at gmail.com

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