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Welcome to MikeBeer!

Beer Log - Recipe List

When I first started brewing, I would write down all my recipes in spiral notebooks. After starting to develop my own recipes, and especially after moving to all-grain, I decided to test out the various brewing software packages. I really liked the usability of BeerSmith, and I've stuck with that over the years. It also happens to have a nice HTML output that looks pretty good on the website. Check out the Beer Log link below or on the top navigation bar.

Beer Log


Concentrated Boil 10-Gallon Brewing - 4/1/2014

During the winter or when I'm feeling lazy, I can't/don't want to brew on my 10-Gallon Brewing System.  This got me thinking of a way that I could produce ten gallons of beer on my 5-gallon system without having to do a double brew day.  This method is really geared towards brewing lower gravity session-type ales or lagers and has worked out great the several times I've used it.

Concentrated 10-Gallon Brewing


Quick & Easy Drip Tray - 3/26/2014

I received an email from someone who was building a chest freezer kegerator (keezer) asking about what I used for a drip tray.  I realized that I hadn't put together any information on what I came up with for a drip tray without having to drill into the freezer.  Check out the link below or on the left navigation bar for more info.

Quick & Easy Drip Tray


Helpful Brewing Tips - 3/21/2013

Being an active member of three different homebrew clubs, I have a chance to talk with a lot of different brewers at different stages of their brewing evolution.  I really enjoy talking with the guys that are just getting started, because I feel like I can save them time and effort by not necessarily doing the things that were considered necessary several years ago.  I was going to just post the information on the main page here, but there was a little too much to include, so I decided to make a separate page.  I'll try to keep this updated as I hear different questions and other topics that people seem to ask about frequently.

Homebrewing Tips & FAQ



2/22/2013 - Website Redesign

I decided to give the website a little facelift and change the look a little bit to make it more functional and better looking. It's been awhile since I first made the site, so it was in need of a little TLC. I've also added in some pages from my MikeServe site that I recently let expire, so check those out if you're bored.



Contact Information:  MikeYoungHB at gmail.com