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Monster Mill MM-2


After many years of service, my Barley Crusher just wasn't milling my grain like it used to.  I kept having to widen the gap in order to mill grain, so I decided to start looking at new mills.  After weighing several options, I decided to go with an MM-2 from Monster Mills.  So far, it has been working great.  I saw about a 10% increase in my efficiency with the new mill.  It's built like a tank and tears through grain.  The only word of warning is to be sure you have a beefy drill to drive the mill.  After a few times of milling with my cheap Black & Decker corded 3/8" drill, the motor in the drill gave out.  I've got a more powerful 1/2" drill on the way now, so hopefully it will hold up a little better.

Monster Mill MM2 - https://www.monsterbrewinghardware.com/store/pc/2-Roller-Homebrew-Mill-Kit-11p146.htm


UPDATE (12/30/2020)

The mill is still going strong after almost 9 years!  I've only cleaned it a couple times after buying it, mainly because I'm lazy, and it's still working like the day I bought it.  I HIGHLY recommend this mill to anyone looking to start buying grain in bulk and crushing it at home


Contact Information:  MikeYoungHB at gmail.com