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10 Gallon All-Grain Brew System

UPDATE 2024:  All-in-One brew systems have become a lot more popular over the last few years, so you may want to check out my Brewzilla System & Mods page if you want to jump into All-Grain brewing using that type of setup.  I loved building my five and 10 gallon all-grain setups and brewing out on my porch, but brewing on the Brewzilla inside is so much easier for me these days.  I like to provide options for all types of brewers, so I'm keeping this page here for reference for other brewers to make their own decision on what works for them.  Cherrs!


6/6/2015 - SOLD to a fellow brewer since I no longer needed the capacity.  Kept the mash tun and extra burner for when I do partigyle batches though.  Hopefully he will brew a lot more beer though this system.



Extra shelf added for storage


Pump & Chiller

Boil Kettle

Bazooka-T in Boil Kettle

Pickup Tube in HLT

Ball Valve w/ Disconnect



Hop Strainer Bag


Mash-Tun Braid

Cooler Mash Tun Ball-Valve

Filling the Mash Tun

Draining into the Kettle

Almost had a boilover!

Boiling with hop strainer

Adding Hops


Parts List


Keggles & Burners

Pre-Configured 16 gallon kettle with temp probe & spigot Amazon - LINK

Build Your Own

2 x Stainless Steel Kegs w/ holes cut in top

Friend's Garage

2 x Weldless spiggots for Keggles

Amazon - LINK

Bazooka Tube

Amazon - LINK

2 x 1/2" Threaded copper connector

Hardware Store

1/2" Copper tubing (varies)

Hardware Store

2 x 1/2 Inch Male Quick Disconnects (MPT)

Amazon - LINK

2 x Heavy-Duty Burners

Amazon - LINK

*switched this out for a pickup tube against the side of the kettle


Stand, Pump, and Chiller

Chugger Pump

Amazon - LINK

Counterflow Wort Chiller

Amazon - LINK

4 x 1/2 Inch Male Quick Disconnects (MPT)

Amazon - LINK

6 x 1/2 Inch Female Quick Disconnects (barb)

Amazon - LINK

1/2" Silicone Tubing

Amazon - LINK

2 x 1/2" Brass Ball Valves

Hardware Store

1 x 1/2" Brass T

Hardware Store

1 x 1/2" Brass 90 degree elbow

Hardware Store

2"x6" Boards for Stand

Hardware Store

1"x4" Pine for shelves

Hardware Store

4 x Castors for cart

Hardware Store

Screws, Nails, ect.

Hardware Store


Cooler Mash Tun

Coleman 70 qt Cooler

Amazon - LINK

Bazooka Tube*

Bazooka Tube    or    Toilet Supply Braid

*Switched this out for a stainless toilet-supply braid after getting my Monster Mill. I was crushing much finer and the Bazooka Tube was getting clogged and causing drainage issues.



10 Gallon Brewing Process


  1. I start with hot water from the sink, add Ĺ a campden tablet to the mash water to remove chlorine and chloramines, and then turn on my burner.

  2. While the mash water is heating up, I weigh and crush my grains.
  3. Once my grain is crushed, I pump the mash water from the hot liquor tank (HLT) up to my cooler mash tun.
  4. When all the water is pumped from the HLT, I get a small step stool/ladder out and get up on that to pour the grain into the water while stirring the mash.
  5. Let the mash sit for 30-60 minutes
  6. When the mash has about 20 minutes left, Iíll measure out my sparge water, add the other Ĺ of the campden tablet, and then start heating that in the HLT.
  7. Once my sparge water is around 185 degrees, I add enough of it to the mash to give me roughly half my pre-boil volume
    1. I usually donít pump it at this point.  I just use a pitcher to add a gallon or so to the mash and stir it in.
  8. After stirring my mash, I open the valve on my mash tun about ¬Ĺ way and pull off a couple quarts until there are no chunks of grain coming through.
  9. I then start draining into my boil kettle and pour the couple quarts of runoff back into the mash tun
  10. Once there is about a gallon or so of wort in the boil kettle, Iíll turn on the burner to start heating it up
  11. Once all the wort is drained from the first runnings, I pump the remainder of the sparge water into the mash tun and stir
  12. I then follow the same process as Step 8
  13. While Iím waiting for the wort to come to a boil, I dump my mash tun and clean it out
  14. When the wort comes to a boil, I put the hop strainer bag contraption into the kettle and add my hops
    1. I use this because I donít want my pellet hops to clog the Bazooka T in the bottom of my boil kettle.  Iíve never had a problem pumping from my kettle using this method.  I canít even imagine how pissed off I would be if I had 11 gallons of boiled wort that I couldnít pump through my chiller.
  1. When thereís about 15 minutes left in the boil, I start pumping the boiling wort from the boil kettle through the counterflow chiller (without the water running) to sanitize it and then back into the boil kettle.  I also add Irish moss at this point.  I find it necessary to turn up the burner to maintain a boil after you start recirculating through the chiller.
  2. Once Iím finished with my 60 minute boil, I turn on the water to the chiller and keep recirculating into the kettle for a few minutes while I sanitize my fermenters.
  3. When the fermenters are sanitized, I move the hose thatís recirculating back into the boil kettle to the fermenters and start filling.
  4. I control the out flow on the pump to allow for enough contact time with the counterflow chiller to get me to the right temperature.  I find I need to slow this down more in the summer when the ground water is a bit warmer.
  5. After Iíve filled both fermenters and pitched my yeast, I clean the boil kettle, and then run hot water through the pump and chiller to clean them up a bit.


Contact Information:  MikeYoungHB at gmail.com

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